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This article will show how renewal of subscription should be carried out on My Mak Buddy.

Renewal : Payment is required to be made by customers after expiry of a subscription on My Mak Buddy

On Expiry Of A Subscription

A renewal email will be automatically sent to the customer on expiry of a subscription. A sample of email that will be sent to the customer is as follows:-

Customer can click on the Pay Now>> button and make the renewal payment.

Renewal Payment From MMB Account

Renewal can also be accessed by the Customer after logging in to the account My Subscription View Pay to make the renewal payment.

Status On Vendor’s Dashboard

You can see status of subscription changed to On-hold on User Subscriptions section on Vendor Dashboard once a user subscription is expired and is due for renewal.

You can also get details of the customer after clicking on the On-Hold Subscription. Sample is shown below:-

The details that you will find will look like the following:-

  1. Details of Customer – Email and Phone Number

2. You can manually extend the subscription by entering date and time then hit update schedule

3. Changes that have taken place in the subscription will be visible here.

4. Shows since when the subscription expired.

5. Note that you add here has two options – Customer Note and Private Note

Customer Note

Customer note once entered will be sent to the customer in an email. Sample is shown below:-

  1. Enter the note
  2. Select Customer note
  3. Click on Add Note

Once you click on Add Note it will get added to the Subscription Notes like the sample below and an email will also be sent to the customer with the content of the note.

Note Getting Added To Subscription Notes

Sample of email that will be sent automatically to the customer is given below:-

Email Sample Containing Note That Goes To Customer

Private Note

Private note is added to add details of the subscription about the customer but email containing the note will not be sent to the Customer.


Managing subscription on My Mak Buddy is easy. Reminders will be sent to the customer automatically to renew subscription on expiry of a subscription. Vendors/Sellers can also add customer note that will be sent as an email automatically to the customer.

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