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This article describes how store support works on My Mak Buddy.

Tip : Giving option for support is one way to boost confidence to your customers giving an assurance that you can be contacted when required.

Enable Support

First of all, you need to enable store support so that it appears on your store like the following screenshot.

Support Button As Seen On Shop Page

How To Enable Support?

Go to vendor dashboard settings store. Scroll down and you will find option for enabling support like the screenshot below.

Option To Enable Support On Vendor Dashboard
  1. Tick this checkbox to enable support on your store page.
  2. You can enter the text that you want to display on your store page. E.g. Get Support, Support, Reach Us, Contact Us etc.

How It Appears To Customers?

When customers click on the support button, a pop up will appear like the screenshot below 👇🏻

Store Support As Seen By Customers
  1. Customers can enter subject here.

2. Customer can enter order number here if support is related to an order (dropdown along with order numbers will appear). It can also be left blank.

Note: This will not be shown to customers who have not ordered from your store.

3. Customers can enter message here.

4. Once customers click submit button, it will be submitted and appear on vendor dashboard.

A successful notice after submitting ticket for support will show up like the screenshot below.

Successful Notice On Ticket Submission For Support
Once a customer submit a support ticket, you will receive an email on your registered email.

Support Requests On Vendor Dashboard

Support section on vendor dashboard shows support requests as shown in the screenshot below 👇🏻

Support Section On Vendor Dashboard

You can see all tickets, open tickets and closed tickets by clicking on tabs as shown above.

When you are on all tickets tab, you will find all open as well as closed tickets.

Reply To Support Tickets

You can click on the ticket to open it and give reply to your customers as shown in the screenshots below 👇🏻

Setup home page

Once you click and open a ticket, you can give reply and also close the ticket if resolved as shown in the screenshot below 👇🏻

Once you reply to a support ticket, an email with a link to check the reply will be sent to the customer’s email informing that you have replied to the ticket.

Once you give a reply the customer will be able to see your message and give reply from his dashboard as shown in the screenshot below 👇🏻

Ticket As Seen From Customer’s Dashnoard

Close A Ticket

There are two options to close a ticket. They are:-

  1. You can close a ticket by clicking on the cross sign shown next to open ticket.

2. You can close after opening the ticket.

Reopen Ticket

There are two ways to reopen a ticket.

  1. Click on the reopen sign next to a closed ticket.

2. Just open a closed ticket and write a reply and submit to reopen the closed ticket.


Managing support ticket on My Mak Buddy is easy. Clear queries and satisfy your customers to create a loyal customer base.

Thank you for reading.

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