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This article describes how to vendors/sellers can immediately get an overview of their total earning. It will also help vendors/sellers to prepare product sales reports in an organised way.

Sections In Reports

There are five sections in reports. They are:-

  1. Overview
  2. Sales by day
  3. Top selling
  4. Top earning
  5. Statement
Sections In Reports


By default overview will be shown when you go to reports in vendor dashboard as shown below 👇🏻

Overview In Reports

1-Sales in this period

My Mak Buddy calculate sales during the month. This section shows sales during the period of a month.

Note: Sales includes online payment and cash on delivery/pickup(offline payments)

2-Average daily sales

This shows the average daily sale of your store.

It is calculated by the total amount of sales in the moth divided by date (which is the number of days past in the month)

3-Orders placed

This shows the total number of orders which has been placed by customers in the month.

4-Items purchased

This shows the total number of items which has been purchased in the month. This is the total number of items in all the orders sold in the month.

5-Charged for shipping

This shows total amount which has been charged from the orders.

Let’s say you charge ₹50 for home delivery for an order. If two customers choose for home delivery then this amount will show as ₹100. Charges for shipping is also included in this section.

6. Worth of coupons used

This sections shows the total amount worth of coupons used.

Let’s say, you gave discount coupon of ₹10 and ₹20 off on two occasions. Assume that 3 customer availed ₹10 coupon and 5 customers availed ₹20 coupon.

Then this will show as (₹10X3) + (₹20X5) = ₹30+₹100 = ₹130.

7. This month’s sales

This section shows graph of sales total and number of orders in the month.

It is shown by 8 and 9 in the screenshot above.

8. Blue line

Blue line shows sales total in the current month.

9. Green line

Green line shows number of orders in the current month.

Sales By Day

This report is also similar to the report as explained in the overview. The only difference is you can customise the report for a duration/date range.

You can select dates and month on the Form and To as shown below and hit Show to show the report within the selected date range.

Sales Report By Day

Top Selling

Under this section, you can find out the top selling product within a date range.

Setup home page
  1. Select the starting date of date range – From
  2. Select the end date of date range – To
  3. Click on Show
  4. Product – under this section the top selling product will be shown
  5. Sales – under this section, number of sales for the top selling items will be show
Top selling report is a good way to find out which products are selling the most during a time period. You can give discounts coupons on occasions for top selling items to boost your sales.

Top Earning

This section will show the products which have fetched earnings the most. You can also set a date range to find out the top earning products.

Top Earning Products


This sections shows the statement of you account concerning balance that can be withdrawn by you.

Statement Report
  1. Date Range – You can change the date rage to check your statement for specific duration.
  2. Balance Date – Shows the balance date
  3. Trn Date – shows the date of transaction
  4. ID – shows unique transaction ID on MMB platform.
  5. Type – shows the type of transaction
  6. Debit – shows debit balance
  7. Credit – shows credit balance
  8. Balance – shows the withdraw-able account balance on the date against date in the row
  9. Total – shows the total amount(latest) of credit, debit and account balance
  10. Export All – you can transport the transaction details within a date range in CSV(comma separated values) file format


Using reports on My Mak Buddy, you can understand details of your sales. You can review your performance to improve sales.

Thank you for reading.

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