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This article will guide you how to open account on My Mak Buddy using Twitter account. This article also contains how to convert Customer Account to Vendor Account created using Twitter account.

Visit Website

First of all go to website. Click on My Accounts in the header section.

Click on Twitter icon.

You can click on any icon Login as well as Register as shown in the screenshot below.
Registration Section

Login With Twitter Account

Once you click on the Twitter icon you will be redirected to Twitter Login like the screenshot shown below 👇🏻

Enter your credentials and click on Sign In.

A redirecting message will show up. Just hang on and wait for few seconds for redirection to complete.

You will be redirected to a page like the screenshot shown below 👇🏻

You can ignore if an error appears like “User email is not found. Try again.” This is API error of Twitter. It will not affect your account. Refresh the page and this error will disappear.

When you log in to My Mak Buddy using Twitter Account, your name and email address will be used for creation of account.

Convert To Vendor Account

When you open your account using Twitter, customer account will be opened by default.

You can convert your account to vendor account. Click on the Become a Vendor on Customer Dashboard. Screenshot shown below 👇🏻

Once you click on Become a Vendor, vendor setup form will appear like the screenshot below 👇🏻

  1. Enter your First and Last Name
  2. Enter your Shop Name
  3. Enter Shop URL (Learn about Shop URL)
  4. Enter your Address
  5. Enter your Phone Number
  6. Check the Terms & Conditions checkbox
  7. Then Click on the Become a Vendor button

Once you click Become a Vendor, store set up will show up. Click here to learn more about store setup.

Remove Connection With Twitter

You can remove My Mak Buddy from accessing your profile from Twitter. Here’s how:-

  1. Login to your Twitter account.
  2. Go to MoreSettings & Privacy.
  3. Then go to Security and account access → Apps and sessionsConnected apps.
  4. Look for My Mak Buddy.
  5. Click on My Mak Buddy and scroll down.
  6. Then click on Revoke app permissions.
  7. This will cancel the connection.

That’s all. This will disconnect the connection created between My Mak Buddy and Twitter.


You can always request us to delete your account details associated with My Mak Buddy using this form. We will confirm deletion of account details within 3 working days on your email.

Deletion of your account details is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for reading.

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