How To Create A Grouped Product?

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This article describes how to create grouped product on My Mak Buddy.

Tip 1: Selling products in groups helps to increase sells from your vendor.
Tip 2: A little difference in price after grouping products can entice your customer to buy more.

Create Parent Group Product

First of all, login to your Vendor dashboard and create a new product.

Select grouped product from the select category option. You can choose other category also but you need to make category of child products similar to the parent product. Parent product and child product explanation is included in the form of a diagram in the subsequent part of this article.

Select Group Product from the Product Type drop-down menu.

Remember a group product is a parent product so there is no price field and also you need to select a category. If you have no category matching admin create one for you (only My Mak Buddy Admins can create product categories).

Select Group Product in Product Type

Create Child Products

Child products are the the products which are going to get linked to the grouped products. The following chart will help you understand better.

Diagram Showing Parent & Child Product

Now create child products.

Points to be kept in mind while creating child product:-

  1. Product category must be as same the parent product
  2. Product should be hidden from the catalogue
If the child product is not hidden, it will be visible and can be purchased at the price set individually for grouped product.

Creating child product is same as creating normal product but remember the above two points while creating child product. After creating the product go to Other Options in the product details editing mode.

Saving Product In Hidden Mode

Get back to the parent product and click on the linked product option under the inventory option.

And select the child products in the group product section and link them to parent product.

Once you grouped the product, all products will be visible under the parent product. However, single products will not be visible individually.

Grouped Product


Creating grouped product is easy. Check the grouped product created above in this link.

Thank you for reading.

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