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This article contains how customers can follow your store and how they will be notified about when you make changes to your store.

Store follow is a feature on My Mak Buddy to keep customer notified.

Follow Option For Customers

Customers will get the follow options on your store page and find a store page like the screenshots shown below.

As Seen On Your Store Page
As Seen On Find A Store Page

Customer Following Your Store

Whenever a customer click on follow to follow your store, it will show as following on your store page and find a store page.

Find A Store Page
Store Page

Stores followed by the customer will also be shown on their account dashboard like the screenshot below.

Customer Dashboard

Notification Emails

Whenever a customer follow your store, you will receive a notification email like the screenshot below.

Notification Email

Notification For Customers:- Customers following your store will get email notification whenever you upload a new product on your store.

Vendor Dashboard

You can find list of your store followers on your dashboard like the screenshot as shown below.

Followers As Seen On Vendor Dashboard


Follow is a good feature on My Mak Buddy E Marketplace to keep customer engaged whenever new product is added in your store. You can also find out when the customer started following you.

Thank you for reading.

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