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This article describes how announcements are made to inform vendors/sellers.

Stay updated with latest announcement in the announcement section on vendor dashboard to keep well versed with the changes/announcements on My Mak Buddy.

Announcement On Dashboard

Go to dashboard section on the vendor dashboard to read the announcements on My Mak Buddy.

Once an announcement is made by the admin of My Mak Buddy, it will be visible on vendor dashboard like the one shown below 👇🏻

Announcements As Seen On Vendor Dashboard

You can will find date of announcement, announcement heading and a small excerpt of the notification.

You need to click on the announcement heading to read the full content of the announcement.

Announcement Content

Once you click on the announcement heading, you will be taken to the full content of the announcement as shown in the screenshot below.

Full Content Of An Announcement

You can go back to the notices by clicking Back to al Notice button.


Reading announce on vendor dashboard will keep you updated with the latest developments on My Mak Buddy platform.

Notifications may be user specific or common for all based on what is chosen by the admin of My Mak Buddy.

Thank you for reading.

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