Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Order Cancellation By Customer

    There are two ways in which an Order can be cancelled.

    • Customer can cancel an order from his account directly on My Orders section
    • Vendor/Seller can also cancel an order on Vendor Dashboard

    Please refer this article on order cancellation for more details. You will also find how to cancel only a particular item on this article.

  • Payment Renewal For Product Subscriptions

    To renew Product Subscription, Customer has to make renewal payment. A reminder email will also sent to the customer before the expiry of subscription.

  • Can Customer Account be converted to Vendor Account?

    Yes. Customer Account can be converted into Vendor Account. Tutorial is available in the article Customer to Vendor Account.

  • Is there any platform fee for My Mak Buddy?

    No. My Mak Buddy is a free platform. There are no charges for cash on delivery/pickup. However if customers pay using online transactions, total of 2.5 % of total transaction will be recovered for payment gateway fee and processing fee.

  • Can I set store opening time?

    Yes. You can set up store opening and closing time to enable customers to pickup orders from your store. These timings will be displayed on your Store page. Tutorial to set store timing is available in the article Store Profile Setup.

  • Can I close store on specific days?

    Yes. You can close store on specific day or days or for a date range. Tutorial is available in thr article Store Profile Setup.

  • How are payouts made?

    Payouts are made using bank transfer and transfer through PayPal. A total of 2.5% will be charged for using online payment on My Mak Buddy. Let’s say you make a sale of Rs 100/-, Rs 2/- will go to Razorpay and Rs 0.5/- will be levied by My Mak Buddy as processing fee. All cash on delivery and pickup are free. There is no charge for using My Mak Buddy platform.

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